Operation Education

Operation Education is a program designed to provide funding to the educators in the State of California public school system for creative and effective teaching projects. The Environmental Research Center (ERC) remains committed to helping teachers provide challenging and rewarding learning experiences for their students, while simultaneously providing students with knowledge about the environment and environmental sciences.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The ERC Cancer Scholarships are available to provide financial assistance to college students in their pursuit of a higher education who have previously or are currently diagnosed with cancer. High school seniors or current college students are eligible for these scholarships. Scholarships, up to $500.00 each, will be awarded on an ongoing basis to students who qualify.

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"Environmental Research Center ("ERC") is a non-profit corporation organized under California's Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law, whose mission is to safeguard the public from health hazards that impact families, workers, and the environment. ERC is dedicated to reducing the use and misuse of hazardous and toxic substances, facilitating a safe environment for consumers and employees and encouraging corporate responsibility."”